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The Shades

S2-4 pupils enjoyed a performance and talk from 'The Shades' on Wednesday 16th May. The band delivered a Mental Health, Online Safety & Cyber Bullying message to raise awareness for Mental Health week.

Thank you Louis Morris S2 and Ewan Bain S1 for photography.


Top tips for good mental health:

- If things are getting too much for you and you feel like you can't cope ask for help.

-  Take time to care for others to improve both your and their mental health.

-  Do an activity you're good at to improve your mood. Regular exercise can boost your self esteem and can help you concentrate, sleep, and look and feel better.

- Strong family ties and friendships can help you deal with stress.

- What we eat can affect how we feel. A diet that's good for your physical health is also good for your mental health.